Trademark Attorneys in Florida and Tennessee

At Smith/Barbara, are qualified and experienced attorneys can offer a variety of services, including trademark counseling , registration, prosecution , protection, and any other services related to trademarks or intellectual property. We are confident in our abilities to represent you concerning any federal trademark scenarios. No matter what stage you are in the trademark registration and ownership process, we will work closely with you to ensure you are on the path toward a successful trademark.


The first thing you should always do when registering a trademark is to file a trademark application. Luckily, at Smith/Barbara, we can file the application for you within 5 business days. Contact us today to learn more about this process and how we can help.


Not only can we file your application, but our team at Smith/Barbara also offers numerous trademark related services, including:


  • Cease and Desist Letters

  • Licensing Agreements

  • Office Action Responses

  • Trade Dress Protection and Registration

  • Trademark Filing and Registration

  • Trademark Litigation and Dispute Resolution

  • Trademark Search and Opinions

  • Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) Litigation


Obtaining Your Federal Trademark Registration in 4 Easy Steps


  • Submit a trademark application request through Smith/Barbara’s online form.

  • Wait patiently as we review your request and information. You will then receive a call from one of our attorneys to discuss matters further.

  • We will then perform an extensive trademark search using only the most efficient, powerful search tools. After this, you will then receive another personal consultation from one of our trademark attorneys to discuss the results of our search.

  • Once you have discussed the search results with our attorney, we will then prepare and file the trademark application in accordance with the USPTO. At that point, we will monitor your applications progress and we will be available to answer any office actions necessary. Finally, we will Mail you the certificate of registration once it has been officially issued


Trademark Resources


While filing your own trademark registration may save you money, it may also leave your business and your assets unprotected. However, if you decide to file your trademark yourself, it is crucial that you do the necessary research and utilize all of the resources available to you. For example, you may find useful information if your Public Library has a Patent and Trademark center. Some universities are also members of the Patent and Trademark resource centers in the United States, in which you will be able to learn valuable information. Lastly, the Trademark Access Learning Center has an extensive list of commonly asked questions, and a collection of videos to help you better understand the scope of the trademark registration process.


Florida Trademark Facts


In 2013, almost 25,000 trademark applications were submitted. However, only 33% were approved, well the other 2/3 were rejected. Therefore, it is incredibly beneficial to have a trademark attorney on your side to walk you through the entire process.


To learn more, contact Smith/Barbara today.