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Real Estate Attorney in Florida & Tennessee

Real estate ownership comes with a plethora of ever-changing legal rights. So, to understand the full scope of real estate, you must consult with a fully qualified and experienced firm.  Luckily at Smith/Barbara, we can help you understand everything there is to know about real estate law.


The Real Estate Process


We understand how difficult and challenging real estate matters can be. So, we have created a team with experience in all aspects of real estate law, so you can be confident your matters get handled effectively and efficiently.


When it comes to real estate transactions, there is a strict process one must follow in order to adhere to real estate law guidelines and regulations. Because purchasing, developing, and selling property can become extremely challenging, you must protect yourself and your assets by having a qualified attorney on your side. With Smith/Barbara, know that you are in the best hands.


Our qualified and experienced team will carefully handle all of your transaction documents, contracts, title insurance policies, and all other real estate documents to ensure you are always legally protected.


Not only can we lead you through the real estate process, but at Smith/Barbara, we can also defend you in court and close any and all deals. No matter the real estate transaction, we have the experience to handle your needs, so you can be confident you are taken care of.


Real Estate Services


At Smith/Barbara, we can offer a wide variety of services, including:

  • Community Associations

  • Condominium Conversions

  • Construction Matters

  • Eminent Domain 

  • Environmental Issues

  • Inverse Condemnation

  • Land and Property Development

  • Land Use, Zoning, and Planning

  • Landlord/Tenant Issues

  • Loan Workouts

  • Property Rights

  • Purchase and Sale

  • Quiet Title Actions

  • Real Estate Litigation and Dispute Resolution

  • Real Property Appraisal/Evaluation Disputes

  • Regulatory Takings

  • Residential and Commercial Evictions

  • Residential and Commercial Foreclosure

  • Residential and Commercial Leasing

  • Short Sales

  • Tax Appeals

  • Tax-Deferred Exchanges

  • Title Examination/Insurance and Title Claims

​​​For more information about our real estate services and to schedule a consultation, please contact Smith/Barbara.