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PTAB Litigation Attorney in Florida and Tennessee

At Smith/Barbara, our attorneys are well versed in PTAB proceedings. We are confident in our abilities to secure success for our clients so that they can get the compensation they deserve.


New and Innovative Techniques


It is important to note that PTAB proceedings at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) are complex and fast-paced. In fact, it typically takes only 12 months to complete. Luckily, our team can help you navigate the PTAB’s complex rules of procedure for Inter Partes Review (IPR), Covered Business Method (CBM), and Post Grant Review (PGR) proceedings.


A Strong, Reliable PTAB Team


At Smith/Barbara, our attorneys have studied PTAB proceedings vigorously. We can put together a well-rounded, reliable group of lawyers so that you can be confident that they know of technical specialists, patent litigators, and PTAB paralegals.


Because losing parties often appeal high-stakes PTAB proceedings in front of the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, our attorneys lean back on their knowledge of both appellate and PTAB experience to create an innovative approach to a successful case.


PTAB Strategies


By having a well-rounded understanding of your entire case run the beginning, our team at Smith/Barbara is prepared to offer you the most effective PTAB representation. Because PTAB proceedings often stem from International Trade Commission Litigation or parallel district court, we have the necessary knowledge to create and execute a carefully constructed strategy for success. Also, we make sure to consult all of our associates so that we can leverage our knowledge and understanding of your case. For example, more people come better, more thorough prior art searches, invalidity contentions, claim constructions, cross-examination, expert witness selection, and general presentation.


Blocking Patent Strategy


In some cases, PTAB proceedings sometimes arise without litigation, also known as “blocking patents.” Luckily, we make sure to prevent market entry by removing patents such as these.


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