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Top Seven Real Estate Law FAQ's

The state of Florida is one that is filled with natural beauty, warm tropical breezes, and friendly people. Because of this, many people like the idea of buying real estate in Florida. What are some of the most common questions that people ask attorneys about real estate law in this state?

What Are Common Problems With Purchase Agreements?

There are a number of steps that must be completed in order to close a deal on a home, and these are outlined in the purchase agreement for the deal. A common problem with this is that the parties involved do not get the steps done on time. They may be late getting approval from a lender, late in scheduling inspections, or similar.

What Should I Consider When Buying a Distressed Property?

When buying a distressed property, you must do your homework ahead of time. Be sure to have clear goals about what you'll do with the property and get an accurate cost estimate of any rehabilitation. Get a thorough title search, and understand the neighborhood that you're dealing with, too.

How Are Real Estate Contracts Enforced?

The best way to enforce a real estate contract is to make sure it's a solid contract, to begin with. This is where a skilled real estate attorney's advice can be invaluable. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure here, as the only way to enforce a questionable contract is probably with a lawsuit.

Am I Likely to Lose Money on My Investment?

An experienced real estate attorney can evaluate your real estate investment using his/her knowledge of the market, local prices, rental rates, and property use and can advise you as to whether or not it's likely to be a good investment. If you're in doubt, don't try to go it alone.

What Can Go Wrong Before a Closing?

There are many things that can go wrong before the closing of a real estate purchase. These things range from issues with lender approval, hidden construction problems or defects, issues with the title, hidden liens, and many others. That's why it's wise to consult with a real estate attorney before closing.

What Kinds of Real Estate Fraud Occur in Florida?

Unfortunately, fraud is not uncommon in Florida real estate deals. The seller may try to hide damage to the property or issues involving his or her ownership. To protect yourself, get a thorough inspection and consult with a skilled real estate attorney.

What Should Be Done About Boundary Disputes?

When there's a boundary dispute over property, surveys or title work may be done. However, it's also wise to have a skilled attorney review the real estate contract.

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