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Patent Agent vs Patent Attorney

If you have an invention or some intellectual property that you want to claim as uniquely yours, you want to get a patent that protects your right to profit from your invention. You want this patent to be legally sound and to cover all aspects of your invention. At this point, you may have asked yourself the question, do I need a patent agent or a patent attorney? The answer is that it may be either one, depending upon your needs, the type of invention, and the qualifications of the individual patent agent or attorney. While a patent agent has technical training and has passed the United States Patent and Trademark Office, or USPTO, patent bar exam, a patent attorney also has the qualifications of a patent agent but, in addition, may practice in court.

Providing Legal Advice

If at some point during the patent process, you are in need of legal advice, a patent agent is unable to give this to you. However, since a patent attorney has legal training and experience, he or she may give you this kind of advice. A patent attorney will also have more knowledge of the legal aspects of the type of patenting process for your particular invention. If your invention is a complex one with many unique components, you may be making a smart choice by hiring a patent attorney who has experience with the patenting process for such an invention and who can anticipate any legal problems that could later arise.

Getting What You Paid For

While hiring a patent agent is generally cheaper than hiring a patent attorney, you ultimately get what you pay for. A patent attorney will spend more time on your case, doing more extensive research to find any similar inventions that already exist. This attorney will be aware of the chances of success for your patent and will probably bill you for more hours of work for the related research. However, even though it may cost more, hiring a patent attorney is more likely to ensure that your patent is solid and will survive any challenges in a court of law.

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If you have questions about obtaining a patent, call to schedule a free consultation with a Florida patent attorney today. The experienced legal staff at the law firm of Smith/Barbara will use both their technical expertise and legal training to ensure that your patent is legally strong. Visit our website or give us a call at (954) 710 - 0116 and let our capable staff answer any questions you may have. We serve the states of Florida and Tennessee and we will give you the legal advice you can trust.

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