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Jan 2021 Smith Barbara Newsletter

Updated: Mar 17

Jan 2021 Smith Barbara Newsletter

Letter from Our Managing Partner

Dear Clients and Friends, 

Lots of news to start 2021. We are pleased to share that our first six months have been a success with your support.

We rang in the New Year and end the first month of 2021 with 100 new clients due to your referrals, recommendations, and ratings. Our team is grateful and will continue to work to keep our clients happy. Remember, a referral is the best compliment. 

Also, we have added a new team Member Jared Bees to our law clerk crew and Dallas Robinson, of counsel to support our personal injury clients. Please welcome them aboard.

To offer better customer service to our northern clients, we are pleased to announce the opening of a Palm Beach Gardens Florida office and partnered with Legal Match to assist people in search of specialized legal advice. 

Lastly, our Partner Renee Marie Smith has been in the news 2x this month. We congratulate her and the entire Waves of Dania Beach Group on the Site Plan approval received on January 12. Renee also was interviewed by LawQ to share her insight into buying residential real estate. (read more about both below).

As we look forward to the rest of 2021, we also look forward to continuing to offer high-quality legal work at boutique law firm prices. 


Agustin Barbara

Managing Partner

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