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Dania Beach Real Estate - Dania Beach Commissioners approve new apartment complex in Dania Pointe

Updated: Mar 17

Dania Beach Real Estate

Dania Beach commissioners narrowly approved downsized development plans for Wave 70 and Wave 90, a two-building, 760-unit apartment complex just east of the mixed-use Dania Pointe.

Commissioners voted 3-2 Tuesday night (January 12th, 2021) in favor of separate site plans, plat proposals and development guidelines for Wave 70 and Wave 90, two identical 380-unit apartment buildings to be built along a canal on the east side of Bryan Road, directly across the street from Dania Pointe. Dania Beach Real Estate Florida New Apartments called the Wave 70 and Wave 90. Florida Real Estate is a good investment and Dania Beach is an up-and-coming area, with beautiful beaches and Atlantic Ocean water views.

Consulting firm Kimley-Horn proposed the 15-story apartment complex as a mixed-use property with commercial space, on behalf of the owners of the three address development site, 50 and 70 South Bryan Road and 90 North Bryan Road.

After the property owners initially proposed the two-building project to the city commission on Oct. 13, they lowered the height of both buildings from 210 feet to 188 feet, largely by slashing the commercial space in each building from 48,000 square feet to 19,700 square feet.

The property owners also have discussed noise mitigation since October with residents of the Northwest Byrd Point neighborhood, located directly across the C 10 Canal from the development site, which is now used primarily for boating related businesses.

Michael Lally, the lead developer of 70 Wave and 90 Wave, did not respond to a request for comment.

The 5.8-acre development site for Wave 70 and Wave 90 is part of a 11-acre block along Bryan Road where a third apartment building called Oasis Pointe Waterfront Residences is planned for the south side of the block.

A pedestrian walkway along the canal would link Wave 70 and Wave 90 and Oasis Pointe. Miami-based Cymbal Development, the developer of Oasis Pointe, paid $4.8 million in July to acquire the site of the project and closed a $60.3 million construction loan in December to finance its construction. The eight-story, 301-unit apartment building will feature a boat club with 19 slips. Asi Cymbal, president of Cymbal Development, worked with three companies that owned the site of 70 Wave and 90 Wave to get the entire block rezoned for residential construction in October 2019.

The three companies were Dania Beach Marina Corp., NV Marina Holdings LLC, and RJ Marina Holdings LLC. Lally manages Dania Beach Marina and RJ Marina Holdings. NV Marina Holdings was voluntarily dissolved in November, according to state records.

Dania Beach Mayor Tamara James voted against all four resolutions to approve the 70 Wave and 90 Wave development, citing concerns about wastewater capacity and a lack of collaborative planning by Lally and residents of the Northwest Byrd Point neighborhood. “The project is beautiful, but it doesn’t represent the community,” James said. “I haven’t received one email in favor of this project."

SEE THE FULL ARTICLE HERE -> Dania Beach commissioners approve 760-unit apartment complex in Dania Pointe.

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