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Common Types of Intellectual Property Disputes

Intellectual property is intangible work that is created by someone, like a piece of music, a logo or trademark, or a novel. Whether the intellectual property is protected by a patent, copyright, or trademark, disputes may sometimes arise when another party tries to use a creative work that is similar to the piece of intellectual property for his/her own profit. This can cost the original creator of the work a great deal of money as well as pain and embarrassment. This kind of creative work is precious to those who create it and can be a major component of their livelihood. An experienced Florida intellectual property lawyer can help you if you are dealing with an intellectual property dispute.

Types of Intellectual Property Infringements

The most common kind of intellectual property dispute occurs when someone other than the owner uses an intellectual property without the owner's permission. This can happen whether the type of property protection is a copyright, a trademark, or a patent. It is not uncommon for disputes to happen when intellectual property protection has not been adequately researched, as an infringement could easily occur if similar work has already been published or used somewhere else. Infringements can also occur when someone uses a trade secret of another without permission. An example of a trade secret is a recipe or a method of production of a particular item or product.

Remedies for Intellectual Property Disputes

There are several different types of remedies that are used when it is discovered that an intellectual property dispute or infringement has occurred. For example, if a trademark that is already owned is being used by someone other than the owner without authorization, a court may order a "cease and desist" order to compel the user to stop using it. Remedies may also consist of monetary damages that are ordered to compensate the original owner of the intellectual property for any related financial losses. While most remedies come through civil law, criminal charges may also be filed in some more extreme cases of infringement.

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