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Copyright Attorney in Florida and Tennessee

When filing a copyright registration, it's a great idea to consult a copyright attorney to protect and enforce legal action against any parties infringing on your copyright. Luckily, at Smith/Barbara, our attorneys are experienced and well-versed and intellectual property law. We are prepared to represent and advise you in all areas of copyright law. If you are involved in any copyright infringement litigation, contact our office to help you protect your rights.


At Smith/Barbara, we offer numerous copyright related services, including:

  • Acquisition and Assignment Agreements

  • Agreements Defining Ownership

  • Audits of Existing Copyrights, Pending Applications, and Unfiled Works

  • Cease and Desist Letters

  • Copyright Application and Registration

  • Copyright Litigation and Dispute Resolution

  • Copyright Protection Strategies

  • Fair Use Review and Counseling

  • Licensing and Royalties Agreements

  • Non-Infringement Opinions

  • Review Common Law Copyright Protections for Unfiled Works

  • Work-For-Hire Agreements


Copyright law protects:


  • music

  • sound recordings

  • literature

  • plays

  • movies

  • choreography

  • photographs

  • architecture

  • sculptures

  • websites

  • graphic designs

  • computer software


When it comes to copyright protection, the owner of the copyright can exclude other parties from:


  • reproducing or copying the work

  • distributing copies of work to the public for sale, rental or lease, or lending

  • preparing derivative works based upon the work

  • displaying the work publicly

  • performing the work publicly or in a digital/audio transmission


If you would like to protect your work with the copyright, you will have the opportunity to demand immediate cease and desists of improper use or copy and collect any monetary damages and attorney fees. However, even though copyright infringement is taken very seriously, you still must have filed for your copyright correctly and have been given copyright protection before enforcing your rights.


To learn more about copyright law, contact Smith/Barbara today.