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Commercial Real Estate Attorneys in Florida & Tennessee

At Smith/Barbara, our attorneys have years of experience advising, negotiating, and implementing all details of real property acquisitions, dispositions, and developments. We have represented almost every party involved in commercial real estate, including real estate developers, corporate entities, property owners, investors, private lenders, and others simply looking to acquire, develop or sell commercial property. We are confident in our ability to help our clients in every commercial real estate scenario.


Our attorneys at Smith/Barbara can also represent private investors, opportunity funds, and owners on their own commercial real estate investments. From beginning to end, we can build bridges between all parties involved, including public-private partnerships, joint ventures, limited liability companies, and other entities.


At Smith/Barbara, we offer a wide variety of commercial real estate services, including:


  • consulting

  • leasing

  • drafting and review of purchase and sale agreements

  • Closings

  • title review

  • real estate analysis

  • syndications, private placement memoranda

  • non-traditional commercial properties, office, industrial, hospitality, multifamily, retail, condominiums, land, marinas

  • representation during closings (review of the sales contract, liens, escrow, easements, and more)

  • compliance and due diligence

  • creation and representation of commercial condominium associations

  • affordable housing developments

  • land use: planning and zoning

  • environmental law compliance and liability issues

  • acquisition and mortgage financing

  • industrial warehouse bays, retail space, office space, and other commercial leasing agreements

  • cell tower leases

  • restructuring of real estate loans

  • ground leases

  • troubled/distressed assets

  • commercial property foreclosures

  • asset optimization

  • public, private partnership agreements


At Smith/Barbara, we are dedicated to working with our clients to understand the dynamics and complexities of commercial real estate. Our goal is to resolve any business and legal issues that might arise in the commercial real estate setting. If you find yourself in any commercial real estate litigation, please reach out to our offices so that we may help you better understand your options.


To learn more, contact Smith/Barbara today.